City Guide: Rome

By Maria Pasquale

Urbana 47

An inviting farm-to-table eatery in the trendy residential neighborhood of Monti

Though the farm-to-table movement never really left Italy, Urbana 47 focuses mainly on promoting locally-sourced km0 ingredients from the Lazio region, in which Rome is situated. The inviting eatery in the trendy Monti neighborhood boasts vintage furniture placed in a somewhat industrial backdrop, giving the place a contemporary feel. The food varies between the traditional (carbonara) and the inventive (ravioli with cheese, pear and radicchio in a red wine reduction) and features homemade pastas, freshly caught fish and their signature artisanal burger. Urbana 47 is open all day for breakfast, lunch and dinner or drop in as the locals do and pop in for an espresso, glass of wine and the free Wifi.

Must try:
Fresh Pastas
All-Day Cafe / Locally Sourced Ingredients
Reservations: Via website
Hours: Daily 8:30am-Midnight
Location: Monti
Address: Via Urbana, 47
Phone: 06 47 88 4006
  • Metro: Cavour
Ideal for:

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