City Guide: Rome

By Maria Pasquale


One of the most unique and satisfying street foods born in Rome.

One of Rome’s top pizzaioli, Stefano Callegari, invented and trademarked the “Trapizzino” in his hole-in-the-wall snack stop in Testaccio back in 2009. A few years and a full-renovation later, the Trapizzino has a cult following with branches popping up across town and even as far away as New York and Tokyo. However, of course it’s best to try this original in the city in which it was born.

The trapizzino is simply a triangle of pizza dough which is baked and then packed like a crowded subway car with traditional recipes such as Roman-style tripe, chicken cacciatore, beef stew, eggplant parm, burrata and zucchini, all of which are placed in a paper cone for easy eating. A fantastic stop for either a quick lunch or snack, they also serve a great range of supplì, Roman fried rice balls as well as Italian beers.

Must try:
Any Trapizzino
Street Food / Cult Classic
Reservations: N/A
Hours: Tue-Sun 12pm-1am; Closed Mondays
Location: Testaccio
Address: Via Giovanni Branca, 88
Phone: 06 43 41 9624
Ideal for:

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