City Guide: Paris

bitesee katie mascaro
By Katie Mascaro


A frozen food world made for those who love to do their sightseeing inside foreign supermarkets.

In a country known for daily farm-fresh markets and a general food obsession, it’s hard to imagine that a frozen food chain could survive, much less thrive like the popular Picard does. If you’re imagining frosty freezer-burned vegetables and diet dinner trays, you’ve got it all wrong. The flash frozen options here include a hearty bacon-wrapped turkey breast with meat and mushroom stuffing, exotic Moroccan tagines, and individual Moelleux au Chocolat, a dessert that oozes from the dark chocolate center.

Must try:
Molten Chocolate Cake
Supermarket Sightseeing / Stock Your French Flat
Reservations: N/A
Hours: Vary from Location to Location
Location: 5th Arrondissement and Various Locations
Address: 344, rue St Jacques
Phone: 01 43 29 65 50
  • Metro: Port Royal
Ideal for:

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