City Guide: Rome

By Maria Pasquale

Dar Filettaro

Head to this hole-in-the-wall for fried cod fillets. That's it!

A tiny restaurant tucked in a tiny piazza next to the tiny church of Santa Barbara, Filetti di Baccalà (better known to locals as Dar Filettaro) specializes in one thing and one thing only: battered and fried salt cod. While this traditional recipe can be found in pizzerias and snack shops across town, this simple eatery puts it center stage and rightly so. Although there is space to sit down and order your fillets, a cold beer, and a limited selection of other dishes such as bruschetta, zucchini and puntarelle (a bright salad of chicory stems and anchovy dressing), the best way to truly appreciate this historic Roman street food is to order takeaway and eat them piping hot as you stroll through the pretty alleys to the nearby Campo de’Fiori.

Bitesee Note: If you’re craving these at lunch, you will be out of luck as Filetti di Baccalà doors open at 5:30pm.

Must try:
Filetti di Baccalà
Hole-in-the-Wall / Historic Spot
Reservations: N/A
Hours: Mon-Sat 5:30-11pm; Closed Sundays
Location: Campo de' Fiori
Address: Largo dei Librari, 88
Phone: 06 686 4018
Ideal for:

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