City Guide: Paris

By Kiri Tannenbaum

Chef School at Le Cordon Bleu

Those that wish to learn the intricacies of French cuisine head to this legendary cooking school.

Paris is and has always has been a breeding ground for chefs. While not every cook’s training is rooted in a classroom, those that wish to learn the intricacies of this fundamental cuisine in a formal setting head to Le Cordon Bleu. The institute has been around since 1895 and such culinary luminaries from Julia Child to Gastón Acurio name this legendary school as their alma mater.

If you’ve fantasized about quitting your job to attend culinary school in Paris (and you’re hearing from someone who did just that), this is the place to live out that dream. However, if you aren’t ready to uproot your life or only have a few days you can scratch that itch with a short-form course.

The Basics:

The “short-form” culinary workshops take place either in demonstration or kitchen classrooms to give participants as much exposure to the environment as possible of a professional chef. Up to 16 students are guided by one of the astute chef-instructors many of which manned Michelin-starred restaurants and the finest kitchens around the globe. With their guidance you will work on techniques, execution and presentation.

Workshops range from 3-6 hours per day, from 1 to 4 days and you can expect to prepare enough food to take home extra servings to be eaten in one of Paris’s many parks. If you take the Secret of Macarons, you’ll be leaving with 30 bite-sized cookies of multiple flavors, edible memorabilia for your friends back at home.

Must try:
The Art of the French Cuisine
French Cooking Classes / Pro Pastry Lessons
Reservations: Required
Hours: N/A
Location: 15th Arrondissement
Address: 13-15 Quai André Citroën
Phone: +33 (0)1 85 65 15 00 
  • Metro: Javel / André Citroën
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