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By Bitesee Team

Trastevere Food Tour

If you want to taste Trastevere the right way, take this food tour led by Eating Europe.

There are a plethora of food tours in Rome, but as to be expected: not all are created equal. One that we can recommend with out any reservations, that will be long remembered after you return home, is Eating Europe’s tasting tour of Trastevere. Here’s why:

First, if you are worried that you won’t eat enough, don’t. There is plenty of food. Perhaps even too much. It’s best not to a) plan your most important dinner reservation of the trip for that same evening and b) or make the fatal error that we did of eating an extra cream puff at the first pasticceria. It was difficult to deny that last delicious morsel at the end of the tour and we regret not heeding the guide’s advice that one cream puff would be enough. And note, all food is included in the price of the tour.

Second, while other tours may take you through the same neighborhood, even to some of the same spots, you won’t have the same experience. The access to the shops and their keepers on the Trastevere tour are a direct result of the personal friendship formed over the years by Eating Europe’s owner Kenny Dunn. A Philadelphia-native, Kenny moved to the area nearly a decade ago, and when friends and family visited, he led them on an unofficial tour which led to launching the tour company with this very grazing trail. Some highlights include: sampling street food, fresh fruit in the market, getting close enough to feel the 900 degree heat of a centuries old bread oven, enjoying a private, sit-down dessert with moscato while the restaurant is closed to the public and tour the ancient wine cellar.

Lastly, despite the fact that Eating Europe is one of the leading tour providers in Rome offering the most tour dates, their tours continue to be authentic and led enthusiastically by passionate and knowledgeable local guides. Guides who sprinkle in their own anecdotes and will leave you with more than just a full belly. So, while there are many culinary tours to choose from in Rome, Eating Europe’s is one we can put our money where our very satisfied mouths are.

Photo Credit: Giulia Mule, Travel Blogger

Must try:
Daytime Trastevere Tour
Authentic / Insider's Tour
Reservations: Required
Hours: Mon-Sat 10:45am, 11:30am and 12:15pm; Duration: 4 hours
Location: Trastevere
Address: N/A
Phone: In the U.S. (215) 688-5571; In Italy 06 94 80 4492
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