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Swim for Your Dinner: The Ultimate Restaurant with a View

Don't just dream of dining here, book your trip to Zanzibar to dine at this once-in-a-lifetime dining destination.

If there ever were a picture perfect setting for destination dining, the kind that lands on the “must eat before you die” list, The Rock Restaurant is it.

Off the exotic island of Zanzibar, Tanzania, known as the “Spice Island”, The Rock Restaurant is accessible on foot during low tide or by boat in high tide when the restaurant is completely surrounded by pristine turquoise waters. No, you don’t have to swim for your dinner, but they don’t mind if you do.

the rock restaurant zanzibar

Photo Credit: Dan Turdean/ Shutterstock

Originally a fisherman’s post, the restaurant faces the white sand Michanvi Pingwe beach on the Southeast coast of the island. It launched in 2010 with the support of the Kichanga Foundation, an organization founded to help Zanzibar’s sustainability and assist its poor population. The group does everything from teaching locals how to swim to educating the community on the benefits of recycling and preservation of the island’s resources.

After swimming or cruising up to the eatery, guests climb a sea-worn wooden staircase to the little house on the rock, hence its name. Cocktails are hosted on the back terrace of the veritable island eatery where the pre-dinner drinks are sipped while lounging on couches with panoramic views of the Indian Ocean.

the rock restaurant zanzibar bitesee

Photo Credit: The Rock Restaurant

The menu is dominated by freshly caught local seafood and indigenous produce—such as the fish carpaccio marinated with coconut, lime, and olive oil. Being one of the few “luxury” spots, the menu also offers everything from pastas to filet mignon. But, you’re a culinary traveler, so you don’t need us to tell you to go for the catch of the day. End with the pineapple flambé or the simple and sweet fresh fruit.

the rock restaurant zanzibar menu

Photo Credit: The Rock Restaurant

At roughly $100 per person (for lunch or dinner) it’s not a break-the-bank meal, though a bit more of a splurge once you add drinks to your tab. Of course you’ll need to budget an additional $1,000-2,000 bucks per person to get you there. However, if you consider the views, this meal is priceless.

Photo Credit: The Rock Restaurant

View the menu here and given there are only 12 seats in the restaurant, be sure to book your spot.


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