City Guide: Rome

By Maria Pasquale

Pizzeria Da Remo

A Testaccio pizza institution, line and up and wait for a table - it's worth it!

As a frequent contender for the title of best pizza in Rome, Da Remo is everything a Roman pizzeria should be. With rowdy locals and cheery, informal service, Da Remo's pizzaiolos never stop churning out crispy, thin-crust pizza romana from its fierce wood-fired oven. Start with some suppli to snack on then stick to the simple toppings for your pie--funghi (mushrooms), prosciutto or marinara (tomato, oregano and garlic)--and do as the Romans do and accompany the pizza with a crisp, cold beer. While this is a long way from fine-dining, the noisy, jovial atmosphere perfectly epitomizes all that is Rome.

Bitesee Tip: It fills up after 8p, which is a fun scene, but if you show up early you will have more of a chance to beat the line.
Must try:
Pizza Marinara
Neighborhood Pizzeria / Locals Favorite
Reservations: Via Phone
Hours: Mon-Sat 7pm-1am; Closed Sundays
Location: Testaccio
Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice, 44
Phone: 06 574 6270
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