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Experience the Ultimate Meal in a Local’s Home

In those destinations where access to the authentic food is limited, you can have a true, once-in-a-lifetime meal with a local through Traveling Spoon.

“There are places in this world where the restaurant culture is a far cry from the culture’s true cuisine,” says Aashi Vel, co-founder of Traveling Spoon. “Where access to the authentic food is limited unless you can find your way into a local’s home.” If you are a food driven-traveler, those are the exact destinations you will travel far and wide to have a true, once-in-a-lifetime meal.

While there are a few outfitters out there (VizEats, Feastly, and EatWith) offering meals with locals—Traveling Spoon is unique. They focus on the intimacy of the experiences creating a chance that travelers might not have otherwise connecting with a local on a one-on-one level.

Courtesy Traveling Spoon

What to Expect:

In 38 countries around the globe, with a strong presence in Asia, Traveling Spoon offers a private experience for travelers to meet, dine, cook and get to know first-hand a country’s culture. And their hosts in particular are as passionate about sharing their culture as much as the diners are to receive it.

Case in point: Before joining Traveling Spoon, Japan-based host Keiko never met a single foreigner. Wanting her kids to have that experience she missed out on, she happily opened the doors to her home so visitors can learn who her family is, how they live and eat.

While in India the older generation of women who once cooked big feasts for their families are thrilled to be able to provide not only an authentic meal for out-of-towners, but to show off what they truly love to do.

Courtesy Traveling Spoon

The Basics:

Cost: Average cost is $60 for a meal
Dates: Vary
Group Size: 1-4 people maximum
Experiences: Traveling Spoon offers three experiences: lunch or dinner with a host; cooking and meal with a local host; or shopping in a market or a garden tour, cooking and dining experience.
Length: Ranges from 1.5 hours – 5+ hours depending on the experience selected

Whether in Paris, London, India, Japan, Vietnam, Greece, Turkey or Bali—Traveling Spoon’s mission is not only to connect travelers with local home cooks, it is to use the power of food to expand everyone’s world.

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